Stephanie's Story

March 8, 2019


I did not grow up church, but I found Jesus when I was 11. At 21 I found Him again and this time He became real to me. But it was when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer that He became my All in All. I am a homeschool mom of four amazing kidlets and wife to my handsome ranching/farmer husband. Our generational farm sits in Lyerly, GA, which is located approximately “can’t get there from here.” We raise 225 mama cows and 240,000 chickens per flock. Chickens and cows just go together like cheese and eggs.


I haven’t always homeschooled. When my mother died, I inherited a machine shop making wearable parts for the tufting industry. After 13 years, God called me home to be a missionary to my four children. At the same time, our nation was trying its hardest to overcome the recession of ’08. That recession drove my husband, Jack, out of the grading business and into the poultry business—everybody eats chicken, even when they’re poor! We took a huge leap of faith and closed his business, while I sold mine. Now farming is our sole income. It has been an adjustment, but we love this life.


Compared to a lot of our friends we have a small family. Brooks is 14 years old, Josie Ruth 11, Zeb 8, and Libby 5. We attend Classical Conversations in Rome, GA. They all four participate in the Georgia Junior Rodeo. The older two do speech club. The boys play piano and the girls take voice lessons.


About six years ago, we started the process to adopt internationally. Jack was a little slower to get God’s memo that adoption was on the bill of purpose for our lives, but he finally got it. After two years and a miscarriage, I went to China with a friend and brought home the truest cowgirl this world has ever seen. We joke that we had no idea that we’d have to go half way around the world to China to find a dyed in the wool cowgirl.


I love to read, work cows on horses, play in my flower beds, and go to church. Currently, we have seven horses—or money pits, whatever you want to call them. My life verse(s) is Psalm 126. I have sown in tears, but I reap laughter (songs of joy). God has been so generous to me to fill my lap with raucous children. We work hard and do everything together. Grace is very much alive in this house with six people each trying to find his/her own way. Come along with me. May you find a place at our table to fellowship.





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