Spider-man: Far From Home Review

July 10, 2019

Spoiler's noted by *                                              Click Here for my thoughts on the post credit scenes!


With the stellar reviews and opinions of Endgame still fresh in our minds, Far From Home had a lot to live up to. And boy did it.







Good Messages:

Acts of heroism are shown.


Peter struggles the whole movie with just needing a break, and you can't really blame him after what happened in Endgame. The issue is that his form of relaxation is completely ditching all his hero responsibilities. With the lack of heroes actively working on earth (or still alive for that matter), this isn't an easy thing for Peter to do. Watching Peter struggle through how to handle his grief and duty as a hero is a positive element for people of all ages. 


Bad Messages:

While there is definitely language here, it's no stronger than in most other marvel movies.


One of Peter’s classmates tries to trick a bartender into giving him a drink even though he is underage.


We see teens kiss.


There are a few innuendos and references that younger children might miss.


There are references to male escorts, adult movies, and cheating.


In one hotel, all of the students have their own rooms. A girl calls her boyfriend over to her door around bedtime, though whether it’s to say goodnight or to stay the night is not crystal clear.


Peter seems to have gotten used to the idea of stripping in front of people to put on his suit.



Family Friendly?

I would say No, but every family is different. Though the feats of heroism are a good mix and watching Peter work through his issues is definitely not a bad thing to show your children, the tone of this movie definitely does not feel "family friendly". Some sequences have some intense action including one scene with a pretty freaky looking Lava monster. In a few scenes, Peter is running through illusions and can't really tell what is happening. Other scenes throw around innuendos, and depict the teens arguing and calling each other names. If I had to give an age for being able to correctly digest this movie, I would probably say 11 or 12.


*Other Points:

Paul Asay says this: "Imagine, for a minute, that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a party, and all of its various movies are attendees: There’s Thor: Ragnarok telling jokes in the kitchen. Captain America: The Winter Soldier glowers in the corner. Guardians of the Galaxy is jumping up and down on the sofa. In such a scenario, Spider-Man: Far From Home would look a little like Peter Parker in a way—a little smaller, a little more awkward, standing by the punch bowl and looking for someone to talk to."


Half of this movie is spent on the action and peril, while the other half is spent on teen romance. This movie definitely rides on the fact that Peter is in high school, and therefore does high-schooler stuff. Peter is very focused on MJ, and also has no problem sneaking out.


Nick Fury (Or "Talos") has no problem putting a lot of pressure on Peter to get what he wants. This is where Mysterio can swoop in, and try to pick up Peter's depressed spirit. It's the perfect alleyway for Mysterio to manipulate Peter into giving him what he wants.


The CGI and Visual Effects in this movie are incredible.




The great CGI, combined with a good script is what gives the movie a 4.5 star rating in my book. This movie is well balanced, and kept me entertained. This is exactly what they needed to start phase 4.



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