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July 16, 2019


Whether they are just simple blacks and whites, colorful tacos, no show, or mid calf, we all have them. Socks are an essential part of how we dress each and everyday. If you’re wearing closed toe shoes, you should be wearing socks... NO excuses. When you go barefoot in your shoes, you are inviting germs, blisters, and even possible blood and sweat stains into the soles. This typically results in a nasty smell that never seems to leave, and trust me, you don't want that.


The rule of thumb has always been: when choosing men's socks, the color of the sock should match the color of your pants. So, when you wear black dress slacks you should wear black socks and when you wear jeans, you should be wearing blue socks. However, this is extremely boring. So, not surprisingly, men's colorful and fun socks have been trending.


Sometimes, you should match your socks to your pants, but there are many other occasions where wearing colorful socks is perfectly fine. Whether your socks are covered in flamingos, polka dots, or just colorful squares, crazy patterned socks can actually have some benefits.


As you know, we live in a world where we need to obey certain rules. However, when you decide to disobey the rule of wearing socks that match your pants, you're making a statement. You are affirming yourself as a bold individual who has a healthy sense of self-confidence. Men who tend to wear colorful and fun socks are usually seen as both rebellious and expressive. Neither of these are necessarily bad. 


The reality is that what you choose to wear says a lot about your personality. And wearing some colorful and fun socks will tell others that you aren't just a one dimensional person. Socks can also be a great icebreaker.

Even science is on the side of crazy socks! In 2013, Harvard Business School conducted a survey studying people’s opinions on nonconformist behaviors. They looked into how people reacted to funky sneakers and distressed jeans being worn in a formal environment. The reactions were all positive. They came to the conclusion that a nonconformist look is associated with higher status and success. So don't be afraid to rock those $5 pizza socks to church, or even work.


Why not wear colorful socks? Why not take the chance and be ready to embrace success?


The question is, what type of exciting socks should you wear?


Finding the socks for you.

There are many different types of fun socks. Some are big, while others are small. Some are about your favorite movie, while others just have sporadic triangles. The rule of thumb whenever buying a clothing item is, what do you like best?



Most people will tell you that there are three main types of socks: mid calf, ankle, and no show. While you can find patterned no show socks, there is almost no reason for it. Why hide your style? 



Mid calf, and ankle socks are the two best types of sock styles to show off your colorful fashion choices. Whichever style you prefer doesn't really matter, though it is typically easier to find fun socks in the mid calf genre (making them cheaper).


When trying to buy your first few pairs of fun socks,

try to look for something that is bold, yet somewhat dressy. Something with simple shapes on it in different colors. These are by far the easiest socks to match with a formal outfit. (Example photo on the right)

(Photo credit:  Ian Marker)


Next, try to find some pairs that represent you. If you like the game show Jeopardy, find some Jeopardy socks. If you like superheros, find some superhero socks. These socks will be harder to match in an outfit, but they are great conversation starters.


After you get (and wear) your first few pairs of fun socks, I am sure you will fall in love with them.


"Where do I find fun socks?"

Surprisingly, Wal-Mart has a great selection. You could simply go to your local one, or go online to buy some cheap packs and pairs there. 


Amazon is also another great place for finding some stylish beginning pairs.


But, if you are looking for socks sporting your favorite tv-show/movie or seasonal designs, Old Navy and Hot Topic are the way to go.



Want to express yourself a little? Get fun socks. Want to jazz up your outfit? Get fun socks. Want a boost in self confidence? Get fun socks. Want a great conversational piece? Guess what... get fun socks! 




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