Thoughts and Post Credit Scene Talk on Spider-man: Far From Home.

July 10, 2019

*Rampant Spoilers for Captain Marvel, Infinity War, and Spider-man: FFH.                          


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Back in April, the box office shattering prequel to Far From Home came out and manipulated the feelings of fans of all ages. It made us laugh, it made us cry, and at some points made us do both at the same time. - I'm of course talking about; Avengers Endgame.


With the stellar reviews and opinions of Endgame still fresh in our minds, Far From Home had a lot to live up too. And boy did it. 


Rotten Tomatoes says this: “A breezily unpredictable blend of teen romance and superhero action, Spider-Man: Far from Home stylishly sets the stage for the next era of the MCU.” And I agree completely.


One thing I think helped define this movie is that, while we see plenty of action here, both the violence and injury seems lighter than in most other Marvel movies. This was also true with Spider-man: Homecoming.  After seeing the desolation and fierceness that was on display throughout Infinity War and Endgame, I think this was a good thing. While I no doubt was not tired of the action from those and other Marvel movies, this did provide a breath of fresh air. The stakes were definitely less as well.


Now let's talk about those jilted Stark employees. About 11 years ago, Jeff Bridges yelled at the dude from 'A Christmas Story.' Now it's somehow built the whole plot of Far From Home.



The plot line of having some of the earths smartest men and women angry at Tony Stark is nothing new, but in this case, Tony is no longer alive to deal with it. The way Marvel pays homage to the past in this movie, while yet still pushing the timeline forward works extremely well. (And it better. With a star cast of Tom Holland, Jake Gylennhall, Zendaya, Samuel Jackson, and more, you would be in some deep debt if you messed this up.)


When the film reveals that Beck’s heroism is a carefully crafted sham, it also reveals a startling amount of self-awareness on Marvel’s part. Gyllenhaal’s Beck can’t help but spell it out: The MCU has become so numb to planet-shaking crises that one only needs to show up at the right time in a colorful costume to win the trust and adoration of the masses, and he's not wrong. 


I think one of the only issues with this movie is that it has Beck bring up the subtle injustices of a world so preoccupied with super saviors, but the film fails to examine Beck’s points in any meaningful way. In the end, Peter Parker gets everything he wants. (This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's something to think about.) 


The CGI and Visual Effects in this movie are amazing. If this movie had been made 5 - 6 years ago, the illusions of Mysterio would not have been quite as believable. 



End Credit Scene #1 (Peters Identity Blown)

When it becomes clear that Spider-Man is going to reveal Mysterio’s trick, Mysterio tells his henchmen he has a contingency plan. EDITH’s “execute” orders phrasing seems a bit strange at the time, but is clearly a set-up by Mysterio. And after Mysterio dies, we see Ralphie pulling a USB out of a computer and leaving. 


This is actually very clever of Mysterio, because even in death he can torment one of Tony’s most beloved. Assuming his backup plan worked, which it did, he was able to set up an ally for more potential villains to hurt Peter and everyone close to him. Not to mention he would also be able to set up a beautiful cameo for J.K. Simmons.


An interesting parallel brought up by time magazine is that “Mysterio, who resented Tony Stark’s power, is also trying to gain Tony-like control here. Tony built EDITH, which stands for “Even Dead I’m The Hero”. When Peter first receives EDITH, this name is played as a joke about Tony’s ego. But now Mysterio has used EDITH to similar effect, portraying himself as the hero even after he’s been killed.”


But, while I initially had the freak-out about the revealing of Peter's identity to the world, I have since come to the conclusion that I love the fact that this was written in. Throughout the movie Peter struggled with the idea of being “the next Iron Man”. This end credit scene seals the deal that he truly will be. Tony’s identity was revealed to the world in his first movie with his signature line, and now Peter’s cover has been blown too.



End Credit Scene #2 (Talo's Identity Blown)

This end credit scene, though not as ground shocking as the first, still left questions. In it we see Maria Hill and Nick Fury sitting in a car together. Or do we? They proceed to turn into the shape shifting Skrulls. If you have seen Captain Marvel, you will probably recognize Talos and presumably his wife, Soren.


The scene then shifts to show that they are on a call with Nick Fury... who is in space? When I first saw this scene, I actually leaned over and told my friend next to me “He's in Tahiti”. Though as the scene progressed it made it seem less and less likely that that was what Marvel was referencing, but I still hold out hope.

This scene proved that maybe Maria Hill and Nick Fury aren’t as incompetent as they seemed to be. In Far From Home, the two make some questionable decisions. Trusting Mysterio, putting Peter’s classmates in trouble, or simply staying out of touch with the other Avengers are not Fury's typical moves. With both of them actually being Skrulls, you can just chalk that seeming ineptitude up to the Skrulls’ inexperience with SHIELD responsibilities. If I was being honest, I was getting a little annoyed at the how Fury bullied Peter. Until this end credit scene, I would have enjoyed seeing Peter get fed up with Nick and have a confront him.


The reveal also seems to hint at an idea that’s been tethered to the Skrulls in the comic books: You never know who may or may not be a Skrull. If the Skrulls can impersonate Hill and Fury, we don’t know who else may actually be a Skrull. And going further, what would stop a Skrull from impersonating a very important hero? Fury’s vacation raises a few questions about how the Skrulls have thrived since Captain Marvel helped them find a new home, and how close of a relationship humans and Skrulls have. 



The great CGI, combined with a good script, and a great cast makes this movie thoroughly enjoyable. Spider-man: Far From Home is well balanced, and kept me entertained. This is exactly what they needed to start phase 4.




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